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Sustainable R3 facility

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Sustainable enterpreneurship is in our DNA at De Vries Recycling. Our entire production process is geared towards fully circular entrepreneurship. This vision is of course also applied to other aspects of our business, such as our buildings. The construction of our own solar array means we now generate 400.000 kwh of power annually, enabling us to provide 160 households with energy.

The use of sustainable materials and application thereof in our construction projects is a key focus point for us. De Vries Recycling stands for sustainability, through and through.

400.000 kwh of
solar panels

EPS attains end-of-waste status

Groundwater for cooling
+ heat recovery

Our energy
production facility

Our focus is on reducing energy consumption. Our solar panels provide our machines with green electricity. With our heat-recovery system, we heat our buildings using the residual heat from our machines. We cool our machines efficiently using groundwater. Our electrical systems are fitted with harmonic filters that result in energy savings of 15%. We are continually striving for greater sustainability and efficiency in all our activities.

CO2 savings with
plastic recyclate

We are dedicated to the philosophy of a circular economy. Our production of re-GPPS, which is fully recyclable, is a perfect example of how circular economy can work in practice. As one of the few recyclers in the Netherlands, De Vries Recycling has official R3-facility status. This means that EPS waste reaches ‘end-waste’ status through our processes.

At our facility, EPS waste is mechanically converted into GPPS raw material, resulting in significant CO2 climate benefits. The use of each kilogram of re-GPPS granulate leads to a reduction of 4.4 kilograms of CO2. Cumulatively, this means we prevent an estimated 60 million kilograms of CO2 emissions annually.

Throughout our process, we apply the principle of upcycling, using GPPS to produce premium XPS insulation panels that are superior to EPS products. As a result, we are able to close two circular chains: EPS becomes XPS or EPS remains EPS.

Our mission is to enable organisations to keep costly raw materials such as EPS in the cycle and thus contribute to the circular economy.

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